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Free and open-source programming language

Tool Command Language or Tcl is a dynamic programming language for coders of all user-levels. You can use it for both personal and professional use; use it to create your own networking administration, web and desktop applications, and more. In addition, it is an open-source program that is constantly evolving. It is compatible with all operating systems, can be easily deployed, and highly extensible. This graphical user interface toolkit is worth using to elevate your development process. 

What is TCL language good for?

Tcl is one of the utilities & tools that was structured from the beginning as an adaptable language with a compact core that could be adjusted in manners the first creators couldn't have anticipated. Its ability to adapt to various situations has been utilized in everything from Cisco switches, Tivo set-top boxes, AOL's web servers, and NBC broadcasting company's control center. This adaptability is reflected in the wide cluster of helpful fields the language is utilized in. 

This programming language match up to other languages like Perl, Python, Ruby, and so forth. You can also use this in tandem with other framework programming dialects such as C++ and Java. On account of its solid string control and systems administration capacities, Tcl is suitable for web applications. Accessible programming runs the array from customer file managers and utilities, web workers extending from thin embeddable libraries to enterprise servers like AOLserver. 

Tcl's dynamic methodology is a characteristic fit for GUI's. The GUI advancement makes it a lot simpler and quicker than with lower-level C and C++ situated toolboxes. Although, this has yet to meet the needs of elevated level GUI cross-stage toolbox that normally fits in with dynamic dialects. It remedies this by offering Tk 8.5  - a local program on Unix, Windows, and Mac OS X.

Programming language for beginners 

Tcl is a language that is complementary to system programming languages. You'll find features in the system that help in creating complex data structures and algorithms. This will make it easy to quickly edit data that are pulled from networks, user interfaces, and devices. It is usually rigidly defined, and determined at runtime. Ultimately, Tcl is easily interpreted, highly introspective, and emphasizes integration and extensions.


  • Open-source availability
  • Highly adaptable but compact core
  • Supports Tk 8.5


  • Limited GUI cross-stage toolbox


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Tcl 8.6.10 for Mac


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